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D&G Concrete was established back in 2015 by a Father and son duo who wanted to take concreting to a new level. The company started out small and continues to grow each day with 20+ year experience.​

D&G Concrete have a range of service they can provide for anyone’s needs, from House Slabs, Factory Slabs and concrete panels, Suspended and waffle slabs, driveways and paving of many sorts. Even steps and retainer walls to add contrast and levels.

D&G Concrete Pty Ltd are based in Melbournes West but venture out to where ever you need them.





Retaining Walls

Factory Panels

Service Stations

Concrete Repairs


Our Services

Conventional Slabs

Whether you need a foundation laid for your home or for a new office building, you can count on us to do a quality job. For more information send us an enquiry today.

Suspended Slabs

Just like all our jobs, nothing is to hard. Even a suspended slab can be achieved with great quality.

Waffle Slabs

Are you looking to build? D&G Concrete are experienced in many types of concrete slab works. We will assist you with anything from smaller renovations to larger house slabs.

Concrete Stairs

Concrete steps and landings look great when leading up to an entry. It adds great texture and design to any area.

Service Stations

We work closely with BP service stations in providing them with the highest quality concreting jobs from repair works to brand new service stations all across Melbourne.


Concrete steps and landings look great when leading up to an entry. It adds great texture and design to any area.

Let us quote your next concreting project today.

Factory Panels

D&G Concrete specialize in concrete factory panels.Large or small we can get it done. All panels are prepared and poured on site.

Footpaths & Sub-Division

Is this what your after? A requirement for Building Permits for sub-division is the footpaths & the crossovers (between roads, gutters & property boundary lines).

Large Paving Areas

When it comes to the larger paving areas, this is no issues for us. With plenty of men on the job we can have it done in no time.


Need some exaction work done? Not a problems. We have the tools and man power to complete the task for any job. Even tight access areas.

Retaining Walls

Why not make a statement in your garden/driveway and add retaining walls to add heights and levels to any area.

Concrete Repairs

We cater for all kinds of concrete repairs and take pride and care to ensure that no exsiting concrete or any surroundings are damaged in any way.

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